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Demand for mental healthcare have been going up at a large scale, however finding a good psychiatrist is still very difficult. The number of graduating psychiatrists are not meeting up with the demand as psychiatry is considered competitive in the medical world. Among few of the best known psychiatrists is Dr. Yusuf Matcheswalla. He is MD (Psychiatry, Forensics) and is Professor of Psychiatry at Grant Medical College - J. J. Hospital. Also, He is Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at J. J. Hospital,Masina Hospital, G.T. Hospital,Nagpada Police Hospital and Saifee Hospital. He practices from his private clinic at Masina Hospital, where he is available from 9.00 A.M. to 9.00 P.M and at Sir J. J. Hospital and G.T. Hospital between 10.00 A.M and 12.00 Noon.

Dr.Matcheswalla’s mental healthcare facilities offers support and care for a wide array of conditions and concerns. They include group therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation and detoxification of alcoholics and drug addicts, family counselling or individual counselling, career counselling, psych evaluation, psychotherapy, and day-care for psychiatric patients and recovering addicts. Each patients are treated in a unique manner as psychological conditions tend to be different with different people. The condition may include, but are not limited to,amnesic syndrome, mania and depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, sexuality behaviour, eating disorder, suicidal behaviour and addiction disorders.

The healthcare facilities provides by Dr. Yusuf matcheswalla is considered the most technically advanced and state-of-the-art healthcare facility in the country. It runs India’s first and only twenty-four hour psychiatric ambulance to ensure quick assessment in case of emergencies. It provides the best psychiatric setup complemented with the best of psychiatric minds in the country. It has a 24 hour running EEG lab stffed with the senior neurologist. They also offer training programs for caregivers, general clinicians, other psychiatrists, social workers, and counsellors.

Dr Matcheswalla

Dr. Yusuf Matcheswalla - Best Psychiatrist in Mumbai

With so many psychiatrists available around the city Mumbai, it is immensely important to settle for the best professionals who are knowledgeable and wise. Out of the lot of doctors, Dr. Yusuf Matcheswalla is the name one can trust upon. He possesses almost all the qualities which a good doctor must have to give good life to the patient.

It can be dangerous to have a doctor who assumes to have knowledge of everything and is resistant to learn. It is good to share space with a person in the room, who is all ears and is willing to learn things from you or your experiences. This is one fine quality which you would come across while meeting Dr. Yusuf Matcheswalla. No matter if he is meeting any patient or doctor; he is receptive and is also keen to gain knowledge of new unknown facts.

Addresses conditions
It is always appreciable if a doctor conducts lab work over the patient to get into his reality. This is really important for investigating into patient’s facts and knows more about him. This form of treatment is followed by Dr. Matcheswalla such that he can get an insight into physical body of the patient, and then comment upon his mental strength and weaknesses.

Prescribes medicines judiciously
A good psychiatrist always prescribes medications based on his own findings on the patient and also with respect to his symptoms. This is what exactly Dr. Matcheswalla. He closely analyses the patient to find out his symptoms and health status, and thereby recommends him the way forward in terms of treatment, medication etc.

With the form of approach chosen by Dr. Yusuf Matcheswalla, he is indeed one of the best doctors in Mumbai who can be trusted upon for treatment. Moreover his methods and medications used for treating patients have till date proved to be quite effective and have given patients the second chance to live a happy and healthy life.


Dr Yusuf Matcheswalla is Professor of Psychiatry at Grant Medical College, Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at Sir J.J Hospital, Masina Hospital, G. T. Hospital, Police Hospital and Saifee Hospital.

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